How is Kidney Club Funded?

Kidney Club has been built and set up by Kidney Patient Stuart Smith, who has paid for the set up of the website. Kidney Club relies on kind donations via Paypal, you can visit the donate page here

Kind donations go towards funding the web hosting, Zoom licence and other administration costs.

What is Zoom and where do I start?

Zoom can be downloaded here. Just set up an account for free and when there is a chat, meeting or webinar in Kidney Club you are good to go.

Do I Need a Webcam

Due to the nature of video calls a webcam is preferable, or a built into your computer, Smartphone or tablet. However, if you are not feeling up to being seen you can simply turn it off and use audio instead.

What Kind Of Video Chats Will Be Available?

The video chats will cover multiple topics that we all face as patients using Zoom. As the site gets busier and depending on funding a further licences will cover chats & webinars for longer as well as other hosts.

Kidney Club is run and funded by patient Stuart Smith. Please help keep KidneyClub.co.uk running for patients, carers & their families. Then they can connect and share valuable experience with each other. All donations go towards the web hosting, software & other costs. Please help if you can. Thank You

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