kidney-club-zoom Welcome To Kidney Club Patients, Carers & families shining a light to help one another. Together we can all help each other. Bringing patients together Kidney Club brings patients together, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge about CKD


What is Kidney Club?

Kidney Club has been designed by patients for patients suffering with kidney disease who are looking for support. Also carers & donors can now register and be part of Kidney Club. Built by Kidney Transplant patient of 25 years, Stuart Smith, who knows how important it is to talk to others who have been through CKD. Connecting as many patients with each other as possible, so in turn we all help each other with our health. Talking to fellow patients can help you understand what it is like on dialysis, as well as patients that have had a transplant. Chats are very laid back and we cover a wide range of topics. Chats currently happen every Saturday at 3pm.

Mental Health

Mental Health for example is something that many patients face through their time as a patient. One of the hardest things to accept is the new normal in terms of medication, changes to our body and much more. Whilst we might have great support from families, talking to a fellow patients can help in so many ways as they understand far better than most.

Supporting Kidney Patients

Technology is now available for us to connect like never before. You may have lots of questions about dialysis or waiting for a transplant. Patients can give you first-hand experience of this, giving an honest view of what you may face as a patient. There has never been a better time to support each other through this difficult time. To join Kidney Club please register here.


Each and every kidney patient has their own unique story. Stories are a great way for patients so see they are not alone as patients. Reading about another patients experience can really help is in so many ways. It also helps the media and researchers as well, looking for stories about organ donation and kidney disease for example. Have a look at some of the stories below from kidney patients. If you are a kidney patient and want to add your story, contact Kidney Club and we will add your story.

Members that have already registered under the old patient area, your details are unchanged. The button below will take you to the new members area.

Zoom Chat

There has never been a better time to use the video platform Zoom as patients. You may have already had your renal appointment via Zoom during the Covid pandemic. Video calls will be very much part of our after care as patients, so it makes perfect sense to use them for help and support also.

Kidney Club Chat

As Kidney Club evolves we hope to have many different rooms available so patients can speak to each other. You might be starting dialysis for the first time and have many questions. Or you have a transplant planned or just had the call, patients can provide first hand experience about how you may be feeling. Take a look around the site and check out how video chats can help you.


Zoom can be downloaded here. Just set up an account for free and when there is a meeting or webinar in Kidney Club you are good to go.

Due to the nature of video calls a webcam is preferable, or a built into your computer or tablet. However, if you are not feeling up to being seen you can simply turn it off and use audio instead.

The video chats will cover multiple topics that we all face as patients. Medication, dialysis or transplant. Benefits and signposting to help to show you the way. As well as mental health and many more. Webinars will also be hosted as well.

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